The greatest dealership in the world?

If you ever find yourself in Europe on a road trip visiting castles, cathedrals and churches then there’s one dealership you need to make a pilgrimage to. It’s Auto Salon Singen in Singen, Germany and it’s so impressive that it’s a holy experience of the automotive kind.

About an hour and a half from Stuttgart in a leafy and lake filled Baden-Württemberg district you’ll find this mecca of all things automotive. I’d seen the caliber of cars they stock in the past from YouTube videos from Shmee15o and Effspot but tried to keep my expectations low to try avoid disappointment. Well, need I be worried? Not in the slightest!

It was a roasting hot, 29c degree day when we visited so the dealerships floor to ceiling glass reflected badly as we drove by. But through the glare inside we could spot a line up of familiar rear ends. Some of which I’d always dreamed of seeing in person but hadn’t yet.

How many cars can you recognize through the glare?

Walking up the driveway out in the open were two McMerc SLRs, a 997 GT2 RS and a Porsche 997 Sport Classic. A promising start.

The young salesman at the front door greeted me with a warm hello and happily encouraged photos. The company mantra was quite refreshing; they see all visitors as future potential customers so anyone is welcome. And quite the welcome it is! The first car through the door is a Pagani Zonda Cinque! Number 3 of 5 of the coupes in bright orange. Its neighbour was the younger brother, a matte black Pagani Hyuara. One car I’d hoped to cross on this trip to Europe.



From there was a row of brand new hypercars. Lined up were two McLaren P1s and two Porsche 918s. Opposite a 675LT spider had just been delivered sat next to its coupe brother.

While the end of the row sat a Ferrari F12 Enlargo. Which in person is outrageously wide! And a Ferrari 430 16M.

Through to the classic section were all manor of Porsche 993’s, a full set of past Ferrari mid engined cars and Jaguar E-Types. A Jaguar Proteus XJ13 was for sale beside a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing.



A small mirrored room off the main showroom held a Weineck Cobra with a massive engine swap- the craziest I’ve ever seen. A 12.9 litre V8 good for 1,200 horsepower and 1,760 Nm of torque- 1,760! Far to say traction would be an issue. Funny enough it doesn’t have an ‘Environmental Sticker’ either.

20160804_130041 2016-08-12 13-42-32
The sales ad for the proof of this crazy car!

Beside it sat a 964 RSR, a green RUF CTR ‘Yellowbird’ and a crazy looking 964 Turbo which had been converted into a 935 Moby Dick style whale tail road racer.

The price on this Porsche 964 RSR was very much Price On Application

The final room was simply mind blowing. Not one but three Carrera GT’s, a Zonda F and a Bugatti Veyron.



Notably a Sterling Moss edition SLR in white in the corner. A red Porsche 959 was another car I’d never seen but able to cross off the list.


The granddad of all modern supercars

Auto Salon acts as a dealership and part storage facility with some cars held on behalf. It’s fantastic the owners of these amazing cars share them with the public this way. It could also be a convenient way from them to hide them from unsuspecting wives too!

Mosler MT900, Porsche 991 GT3 RS, Lamborghini Aventador

If you’re in the market from anything from a classic to a supercar or hypercar I’d highly recommend a visit. Or if it’s purely for some inspiration and motivation you’re after then looking at the eye candy on their current inventory is quite the stop. Hallelujah!


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