Motorworld Stuttgart- life size Matchbox storage

As a kid, were you the sort that kept the paper boxes your Matchbox cars came in? I was… I’d stack them and line them up like they were at a car dealership. The same thing happened when I progressed to 1:18 scale models after my uncle told me they were more valuable long term if you kept the box. I kept them, stacked them and then displayed them.

The site itself spans a large area with a new Porsche dealership being built behind too

Stepping into Motorworld Stuttgart brings all those kids dreams to life. It houses 56 glass boxes used for exotic and classic car storage.

Room for life size toys… cars, bikes and even planes!


An impressive set of retail stores compliments the experience with dealerships (including McLaren, Ferrari and Lamborghini), six restaurants, a cigar lounge, DC3 aircraft themed conference room and even a V8 themed hotel are on the site!

What has to be one of the most unique conference rooms in Germany

The McLaren dealer had some quality picks with a 675LT Spider along with a rolling chassis display. The company cars were Minis which had the orange paint scheme as a homage back to the old days of Bruce and Denny Hulme racing Can Am cars.

The Ferrari dealer was closing as we arrived (late on a Friday) and they weren’t offering an invitation to come in. So peering through the window to our surprise were two Ferrari F50’s. A red/ black combo and also one in the workshop in various stages of undress being dismantled for repair.

The V8 hotel is impressive and unique. In the lobby sat a yellow McLaren 650S to welcome you.


Amazingly there are ten themed motoring rooms (everything from Route 66 to Mercedes Benz).   While the wife may not be impressed with your choice it would still certainly be memorable!

The view from one of the restaurants is out into a classics hall housing a range of classic, vintage, and modern classic cars. All with a decor of chandeliers, glass and large windows.


The main attraction though are the storage boxes. Half the fun is trying to guess the vehicles that are hidden undercover….

Clearly two F40’s and an Enzo (not an FXX as the white splitter would make you think)

Owners can arrive to take their cars in and out as they see desire. Safe in the knowledge they are undercover and being safely stored.

Best of all, public entry into Motorworld is free. Well worth the visit to see how full size toys are stored.







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